summer of protest

by clivevfrance

On a scorching July day last year, tens of thousands of people took to Tokyo’s streets to express their opposition to Japan’s nuclear policy. The event was the latest in a series of such demonstrations that took place across the country. Since then, the anti-nuke movement in Japan appears to have petered out.

Currently, only two of Japan’s 54 reactors are in operation, and in recently posted earnings, almost all Japan’s power companies posted losses. With this in mind, and the heat of summer only a few months away, it seems increasingly likely that the government will allow the restart of more reactors.

If so, it will be interesting to see whether the notoriously faddish Japanese will take to the streets yet again. Or will 2012 be remembered as the summer of protest?

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Shot on Tri-X and printed on some Fujibro WP FM2 I found in the darkroom. Some of these images appeared in the FCCJ’s No. 1 Shimbun magazine.