concrete lotus

by clivevfrance


Lith sandals


Three prints from a new lith print series on Buddhism in urban Japan provisionally entitled “Concrete Lotus.” The top one was printed on Argentone Polywarm FB glossy. It’s a poor substitute for the matt equivalent and so I decided to sepia tone it. The other too are on the glorious but now extinct Forte Polywarm RC glossy, of which I have dwindling supplies. Somebody somewhere must have more stock! Email me. I’ll steal if I have to!

Because of the inherent strong contrast of lith prints, getting a clean scan can be a pain. Even if the actual print is clean of dust marks (which can be spotted out anyway), it’s almost impossible to remove all dust from the scanner. Which is why a clone tool is handy. If you don’t have PS and don’t feel like paying for it, there are a number of free online pic editors, including used for these scans. And for scanning tips, it’s difficult to beat Wayne Fulton. Click on images to enlarge.