changing faces of kashgar

by clivevfrance

Kashgar sepiaI first visited Kashgar, in East Turkestan (or what China calls “Xinjiang”), in 1987. I returned in 2001, this time by train instead of the arduous three-day bus ride across the desert. I found a city that was almost unrecognizable, with new buildings having replaced much of the original Central Asian architecture, and a much stronger Han Chinese presence than before. These Uyghur children will now be young adults. I wonder what their Kashgar looks like today.Kashgar b+wIn a perennial cull, I’ve been going through stacks of prints and chucking out everything that doesn’t immediately grab my interest. I hesitated with this one and decided to give it a bit of bleach before binning it forever. I’m glad I did. Split toning (diluted bleach and sepia toner) of the original exposure (bottom) resulted in a keeper…until the next cull. Click on images to enlarge.