machines day out

by clivevfrance

Machine on beach

There is something both sinister and pitiful about this contraption I discovered on the beach at Miura Kaigan,  south of Tokyo. It seems an incongruous design–closer to something dreamed up by a props department than a working machine. The two “heads” and joining arm, however, suggest fear and vulnerability. Had it taken a wrong turn through space-time and was now trapped by the rising ocean tide? Or was it a piece of Showa-era junk dumped on the beach after a local factory went bust?

Both prints, made from the same 35mm negative, were exposed on Ilford MGIV FB using a scrunched greaseproof paper texture under darkroom glass. The top image was accidentally overexposed and then bleached out. Both were split toned with Kodak sepia, yet another product that is sadly no longer available. Click on images to enlarge.