slow walk to gangtok

by clivevfrance

These photos of village girls were taken with a two-dollar Chinese-made plastic camera that I picked up in the spring of 2002 while walking a slow and circuitous route from Darjeeling in India’s West Bengal to Gangtok, the capital of the Himalayan state and former kingdom of Sikkim. I was totally unprepared for the storms that would invariably strike the mountains in the afternoon, and on my third day of the two-month walk, my trusty OM-1 became drenched and soon after gave up the ghost. The plastic camera I bought sometime later from a Bihari trader at the market in Gezing.

These were printed on Ilford’s fibre-based Multigrade IV and sepia toned with one of the Kodak A+B packs that have gone the way of much of the company’s products. The effect is the result of the crappy plastic lens and a split-filter diffusion technique that I’ve used a lot. Recently,  I’ve discovered that Oriental Seagull FB is pretty much the same as the Ilford paper, but cheaper. Click on images to enlarge.